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Combining Real Salt, a fat (i.e. avocado, butter, or nut butters) and something crunchy is a wonderful way to reduce/eliminate cravings! 1 piece of fruit/veggie with nut butter. Apples, carrots, or celery are perfect for dipping. A handful of nuts or seeds! Great for in your car or at work. “Go Raw” snacks (crackers and sprouted seeds). These can be purchased at Wegmans or Greenstar. “Flackers” (flax seed crackers) at Greenstar. Spread them with some butter, nut butter, liverwurst or pate on top. Add some Real Salt. Use for dipping in avocado, guacamole, hummus or black bean dip. Make sure canola oil is not used as an ingredient in the dips. Make mini sandwiches with raw cheese. Make your ow

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