Why are organic fruits and vegetables important?

We all have our favorite fruits and vegetables! Most people do not eat organic because of the added cost of these items. They end up eating non-organic produce. The question is can we afford to not eat well? How important is it really? Does it really make a difference? We must first understand what organic is: What is organic farming? The word “organic” refers to the way in which farmers grow and process food. Organic farming is designed to enhance both soil and water quality as well as reduce pollution. Some ways in which this is done include leaving plant waste on fields, rotating plants in order to preserve soil quality, and using mulch and specific natural pesticides in order to preserve

Are you being exposed to environmental toxicity?

Have you experienced headaches, fever, chills, nausea, illness, muscle aches or skin conditions? Did you know that these amongst other conditions can be traced back to environmental toxicity? Did you know that environmental toxins, both human-made and naturally-occurring, are chemicals and endocrine system disruptors that can be harmful to your health? They cause disturbances to hormonal reproductive and immune systems and in some cases they have been linked to cancer, birth defects, learning disabilities, asthma, reproductive problems and more. What are some natural-occurring chemicals and how do they affect our health? Some naturally-occurring toxic compounds are lead, mercury, radon, form

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