Top 10 Tips for Athletes

1. Eat real whole food that is nutrient dense. Avoid processed foods and all artificial sweeteners. Avoid "diet" foods and foods that make health claims. Avoid foods with long ingredient lists and words you cannot pronounce. Don't eat anything that eventually will not spoil. 2. Get your carbohydrates from vegetables and fruits and limit grains and sugars. Eat twice as many vegetables as fruits. Juicing vegetables is a great idea, but it is better to eat your fruits than drink them. 3. Add nuts and seeds to your meals and snacks. These foods contain healthy fats (saturated and unsaturated), protein and carbohydrates. Note: You can get all the carbohydrates you'll need to run any distance just

Why All Diseases Start in the Gut

What are enzymes? -Enzymes are proteins that assist in speeding up chemical reactions. -They are pH specific. This means that enzymes only work well within a narrow pH range. The further outside of this range, the enzyme's ability decreases and may eventually cease to function. -Enzymes require vitamins and minerals to work. If the body does not have adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals, one's metabolism will be negatively affected. Where does digestion begin? Digestion starts in the mouth. 1. Mechanical breakdown begins with the chewing action of teeth. This increases the foods surface area that will then be exposed to digestive enzymes. 2. The parotid (salivary) glands lubricate

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