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I now feel and look like myself again!
Before coming to Nutritional Wellness Center I felt like I had lost myself in the deepest, darkest hole of the abyss. I was depressed, irritable, angry, sad and anxious all the time. I was diagnosed with menopause two years ago at 42 and had to go on BP pills. All of this happened at once. I looked miserable and I felt miserable. I was good at faking a smile. I tried too many holistic things but they only helped a little. My prayers were answered when I met several people who had come to Nutritional Wellness Center, so I decided to make an appointment. 

OMG!! I  now feel and look like myself again (or getting to a better version). I am surprised at how great I feel. It is such a turn around. My depression and anxiety are almost gone! I am my happy - go- lucky self. I have an abundance of energy now! I was thrown a rope and Nutritional Wellness Center pulled me out of the hole. I am walking towards the light, basking in it and spreading it to others. The love sweetness, joy and happiness. 
If anything comes up, whether emotional or physical, I call and make an appointment. I am always amazed at how fast I heal physically and emotionally with Nutritional Wellness Center help! I have been blessed.
Thank you!
I Have Found a Peaceful Balance!

"Before I began coming to the Nutritional Wellness Center I felt (and was) off balance.  I struggled with a number of symptoms.  I had bad acne, was fatigued by early afternoon, felt sluggish and had extra weight on my body.   I didn’t feel balanced inside and out. I did not feel confident in myself.  I had nightmares regularly and felt the weight of everyday life was unmanageable.  Now, I feel absolutely beautiful inside and out.  In the short amount of time since changing my diet and taking my supplements, my face has cleared drastically, my weight has decreased by a substantial amount, I am active everyday and all day, and I have found a peaceful balance within my body.  I am very excited to continue my new way of life, and very thankful for the knowledge and encouragement the center has given me.  I feel amazing and am so very confident in myself and my body." 



I Feel Healthy, Strong and Beautiful!

"Before I came to Nutritional Wellness Center I had too many problems to count, and I had been deemed a medical mystery at the ripe old age of 9.  I was taking more medications than any person should have to.  I have always struggled with my weight trying everything from Atkins to the grapefruit diets, without any success.  At just 21, I had issues with my liver and pancreas, high blood pressure, asthma, eczema, hair loss and allergies to just about everything! Needless to say, I needed a little help.  This is where Tara came in. I cut out a few things in my diet and added a whole bunch, including the suggested supplements.  Almost immediately I noticed that my eczema cleared up and my hands stopped cracking. I stopped feeling bloated and just blah! I have lost 15 pounds and my hair loss has decreased significantly.  I kicked the blood pressure and asthma meds, and best of all I feel healthy, strong, and beautiful! My journey to wellness is far from over, but I know without the help of Nutritional Wellness Center, I would still be an itching, wheezing, anxious, hypertensive mess!"



A Difference in My Overall Health – Emotionally, Mentally and Spiritually!

"I always had stomach cramps and bloating after eating meals – especially after dinner and bigger meals.  They would sometimes be so bad that I would have to cancel other plans with friends and rest while my body sorted its issues out.  I knew that my pain was related, at least in part, to diet though I always tried to eat very healthy food and organic as much as possible.  Now, my pain is almost completely gone along with the bloating and cramps.  I now know which foods hurt my body and which foods I should eat to always feel healthy.  I have also noticed a difference in my overall health – emotionally, mentally and spiritually by improving my diet to this degree.  And every day the diet gets easier and easier – and more delicious!  I don’t think I have ever had so much fun with food and improving my health."           



A Completely New Level of Health, Both in Terms of My Skin and Interpersonally!

"When I came to see Nutritional Wellness Center more than four months ago, I had pestilent skin rashes that were incredibly uncomfortable and agitated, often at the expense of my own self-esteem.  The onset of these rashes had begun several months to a year beforehand with no apparent relief in sight.  I had at least one red patch of burning, itchy skin on my right wrist, which grew to be palm-sized.  Perhaps even more emotional for me was the flaring of my navel, which I hadn’t seen healed in more than a year.  I honestly began to wonder if I would ever see my skin normal again, if I could ever touch healthy skin in these areas again.  For these rashes, I tried both oral and topical steroids to see temporary relief, yet the rashes would return whenever I discontinued the pills and ointments.  Alarmed and distressed about what would happen to my skin in the long run, I came in to the Nutritional Wellness Center on a recommendation.  I reasoned that being young at 25 my immune system should still be resilient.  Now, I am at a completely new level of health, both in terms of my skin and interpersonally.  I would not have known a short time ago that my rashes would clear up, that I would be able to touch refreshed, healthy skin where other treatments hadn’t worked before.  I am so grateful, in short, to have my skin back!  As I continue to heal, I still do see symptoms return, but they are mild compared to the distressed skin of the past.  Ever since seeing the Nutritional Wellness Center I have not used the topical steroids that I desperately resorted to in the past for relief.  Overall, I have seen such steady improvement that only gets better and more refined with time.  I owe it to myself to continue on the path I’ve set out; to see a healthful glow stay vibrant in the long-term.  Thanks to Nutritional Wellness Center and the staff for empowering me and supporting my newfound control over my health."



I Only See Better Days Ahead!

"I have spent my entire life, from age six, being some form of overweight. From slight to excessive, and despite my best efforts and an active lifestyle, I lost NO weight.  I even at times gained weight. I received regular treatments from physicians with no explanation or improvement.  I felt as though being overweight and excessively tired (sometimes I needed 12-14 hours of sleep and was still tired) was just going to be my way of life.  Now, I’ve lost a tremendous amount of weight - in excess of 150 lbs so far - and I continue to make steady improvements in my weight loss as well as my energy level, which is now through the roof.  I no longer need large amounts of sleep or naps during the day.  I work out with great success five to six days a week, with no issues, and I only see better days ahead.  Nutritional Wellness Center did more for me in one year than 15 years of fairly regular doctor’s visits ever did. Thank you."



I Am Feeling More Relaxed and Peaceful!
"My first appointment with Nutritional Wellness Center was in August 2010.  Medical doctors couldn't seem to find ways to treat me.  I just didn’t feel right.  I was crying daily and didn’t know why.  I was tired every day and filled with anxiety.  All of this caused depression.  Now I am feeling more relaxed and peaceful.  I am no longer crying daily.  Tara and Aaron weren’t sure they could help me on my first appointment.  They suggested trying to help me, assuring me that if no improvement was reached after one month, they would find someone else to help me.  Thankfully, I did show improvement within the first month of treatment.  I continue to show improvement since my very first visit.  I am confident that I will continue to improve my health following Nutritional Wellness Center's instructions." 

I Feel Free and Flexible in my Body!

"I had a lot of belly fat and extra weight that was weighing me down. I didn't enjoy my body and was trying to accept my weight because I thought I could not change it. My asthma was inhibiting my activity levels. I also experienced body pain. Now, I weigh 20 pounds less. I like myself and my body more. I feel free and flexible in my body and I have less body pain. I can move at a faster pace and be out in the cold without triggering my asthma."

Wellness For Life!!!

"Our purpose is to safely support those who are looking to improve their health through nutrition.  We do this by using Nutrition Response Testing®, whole food supplements, and most importantly, dietary changes.  Our mission is to help as many people as humanly possible be healthier and happier without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery."

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