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Advocating for safer beauty

I am thrilled to officially announce that I have joined Beautycounter as an advocate for safer skin care, safer beauty and for change in the regulation of the personal care product industry!

Gemma and Aoife are my canaries in the coal mine. It should not be so difficult to find products that don’t give them rashes, even ones labeled “natural” or “organic.”

Too many children like them suffer from skin issues, eczema and digestive problems. With the majority of my clients at the Nutritional Wellness Center I identify toxicities as an underlying cause of their health concerns, especially in cases of stubborn weight gain, chronic pain and hormonal imbalance.

Advocating for Safe Beauty, by Sophie Alexander

They should not have to carry this burden. No one should.

Did you know that the US has banned only 30 toxic or questionable ingredients in personal care products, while the EU has banned 1400! Beautycounter’s Never List contains 1500 harmful or questionable ingredients prohibited from product formulations.

Beautycounter offers a platform to advocate for change and amazing, high performing safer products! I am so excited to share this solution with you all!

Please see my personal website link: https://www.beautycounter.com/sophiealexander

Do not hesitate to message me with any questions about Beautycounter at sophiebeautycounter@gmail.com