Cold Laser Therapy

Excerpt from Dr. Richard Amy, DC, ND


"The use of concentrated light therapy for healing is not new. For thousands of years the therapeutic effects of sunlight have facilitated miraculous cures. For example, specific maladies like rickets (and osteoporosis) can result from insufficient vitamin D synthesis due to lack of sunlight. And during winter months, full spectrum light helps some people overcome depression."

Light frequencies, whether visible to the human eye or not, can have profound effects at the cellular level. By stimulation of tissue at the cellular level, energy production can be increased, oxygenation available to the cell can be greater, and the combined result is an increase in lymphatic activity for cellular detoxification. As a result, normal activity is increased and pain is decreased. The body’s systemic defense and repair mechanisms can be balanced, which benefits processes such as growth, injury, repair and immune enhancement.


Here are just a few symptoms that benefit from the Erchonia Healing Laser:

• Detoxification

• Pain Relief

• Muscle Damage
• Arthritis

• Scars 

• Immune System     

• Colds / Flu

• Hormone Balancing

• Lymphatic Drainage

• Injuries

• Allergies

• Muscle Damage
• Digestion

• Depression

• Fatigue

• Inflammation

• Infections

Wellness For Life!!!

"Our purpose is to safely support those who are looking to improve their health through nutrition.  We do this by using Nutrition Response Testing®, whole food supplements, and most importantly, dietary changes.  Our mission is to help as many people as humanly possible be healthier and happier without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery."

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