I Actually Have Headache-Free Days and Restful Nights!

"I am 26 years old.  I have suffered from an array of things my whole life. I have seen allergists, audiologists, chiropractors, dermatologists, endocrinologists, gastroenterologists, hypnotherapists, internists, massage therapists, ophthalmologists, otolaryngologists, physical therapists, podiatrists, psychologists, and rheumatologists. I have been tested for just about everything under the sun.  My main complaints have been: joint and muscle pain, fatigue, psoriasis, headaches, fainting and dizzy spells, ringing in the ears and chronic ear popping, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, pain associated with endometriosis and fibroids in my uterus, chronic and severe angioedema (swelling due to food allergies), tremors, elevated liver enzymes, eating disorders, and of course depression. I was taken out of gym and sports when I was 14.  I had four fibroids removed from my uterus during a c-section when I was 25.  For a long time I just thought that this was normal and that everyone feels this way.  I had no idea how people could get anything done as I certainly couldn’t.  Most days I didn’t even want to get out of bed.  Almost all prescribed medicines had more side effects then were helpful.  The only thing that kept me going was my family.  Now I get out of bed in the morning and know I’m going to have a good day.  I can play with my daughter and clean the house.  I can shave my legs everyday - with the psoriasis sometimes I would have to wait a full week between shavings.  I take my daughter for walks and even go jogging, something I never thought I would be able to do.  I actually have headache-free days and restful nights.  My hands don’t shake anymore and dizzy spells are few and far between.  I have energy and I love being active.  Food is still an issue with me, but as long as I stick to the food and supplement plan I don’t have reactions or eat emotionally.  I can’t say I’m 100%, but I wouldn’t even know what that would be anyway.  I am still healing and every new day is better than the last.  I have been sick my whole life so I know it will take time for my body to heal itself. But, with only a few short months on the program, I think I am doing really well!"



I No Longer Need So Much Prescription Medicine!

"I had migraines for the past 8 to 10 years.  The past few years the migraines were 4four to five or more days a week.  I took prescription medicines to allow me to function on a day-to-day basis and had worked with doctors to find the cause of the migraines or a cure for them.  Nothing I tried impacted the headaches and many days I did just what I needed to do to 'get by.' It was difficult.  Recently my migraines are fewer and farther apart. I went ten days between migraines this last week.  It was wonderful to have so many days a week when I truly felt good! I am thankful that I no longer need so much prescription medicine.  I am excited to see if continued focus on this path designed by the Nutritional Wellness creates even less frequent migraine. I am so thankful for all the success so far."



I Can Finally Function Normally Again!

"Before I came to the Nutritional Wellness Center I was always tired, having stomach aches, dizziness, migraines, no appetite, no motivation, depression, anxiety and many more problems.  I had gone to many doctors.  One even said I was making it up in my head.  Finally, I had to take medical leave from school because I could barely function.  All I wanted to do was sleep.  Then a friend recommended I come to the NWC and I couldn’t believe the change.  Now I’m feeling so much better.  I wake early almost everyday, my stomach aches are gone, I’m eating again, and I lost weight.  I feel so much better that even my motivation has come back and I’m able to return to school.  No more depression and anxiety and I can finally function normally again.  I still have some headaches, but they have decreased from every day or every few days to once a week.  I’m really happy with my results!  And can’t wait to feel even better."



We Are Amazed At All Of The Changes We Have Seen!

“'Enjoy the Journey" is one of my favorite little quotes. But the fact of the matter is my life journey was getting harder to find enjoyment in! There weren't any major issues going on, but a lot of minor ones adding up to the straw that broke the camel’s back (almost literally). I was seeing a chiropractor too regularly, but was in so much pain at times that he did x rays, only to tell me my spine was beautiful!!!???? I was sure that he was going to tell me I needed surgery to fix it! This was just one of the final straws that caused me to realize there was something bigger and deeper going on!  My husband kept prodding me to get help.  He reminded me that though I was 'used' to feeling bad, it wasn’t normal for someone to be down and out and unable to function.  I had migraines (taking Mt. Dew and Ibuprofen as the cure), had back pain that felt like I was being hit by a truck, had pinching in my neck that shot pain down to my wrist and brought tears to my eyes, had anxiety almost all the time to the point that I felt like I was a wound up rubber band ready to snap, and had pounding pressure in my head after bending over……….so my wellness journey began!


It’s been an answer to prayer. I started seeing a Christian counselor in Ithaca, who after the second session saw that my issues were deeper than what the doctors saw as anxiety that needed antidepressants or another antibiotic for all the sinus infections and UTIs I was getting on a regular basis. She recommended a holistic MD in Athens, PA. After following her recommendations, I was amazed as I saw almost immediate changes. But after two years of feeling better, I started reverting and this scared me! She had recommended the Nutritional Wellness Center in Ithaca, but until I started feeling like I was at a dead end with options, and I started having new issues and old ones coming back, I procrastinated.


By December 2009, I couldn’t take it any longer! The internal issues were coming to the surface, literally! I felt I was starting not to recognize the face looking back at me in the mirror. My face was swollen and my eyes were puffy, and my hair and skin were unbearably greasy. I was gaining weight, and my skin was breaking out terribly on my face, chest, shoulders and back. The breakouts were also sore and itchy. It was time! My husband and I decided to set up appointments to see if the Nutritional Wellness Center could help us. Now, less than one year later, we are amazed at all of the changes we have seen and all we have learned about food, products and their effect on our bodies. It has brought a balance to ourselves/relationship/family. When we follow the advice/plan that has been laid out for us we feel and look so much better! Others usually notice the weight loss and want that for themselves, but to us that is just a bonus to being healthier! I have tried Weight Watchers®, etc. in the past (with weight loss success) but I was always thinking about food and wondering if it was worth it to cheat. With the plan from the Nutritional Wellness Center I am enjoying the benefits of life’s journey again and that makes it easier to stay the course! I now eat to live instead of living to eat! Though I have gone down four-five sizes and lost close to 20 pounds, it’s having the knowledge about why my body does what it does and the guidance and support of the staff at the Nutritional Wellness Center to confirm and follow-up that makes the difference!  Thanks, Nutritional Wellness Center!!"

Wellness For Life!!!

"Our purpose is to safely support those who are looking to improve their health through nutrition.  We do this by using Nutrition Response Testing®, whole food supplements, and most importantly, dietary changes.  Our mission is to help as many people as humanly possible be healthier and happier without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery."

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