We Don't Guess, We Test!

It seems like every week there’s a new fad diet or a so called “expert” who claims they have found the perfect formula for weight loss or optimum health. One day there will be a study claiming “Red Meat is Going to Kill You and Your Entire Family!” and then a month later a new headline reads “Red Meat is Actually Great for Your Heart!" Buzzwords or phrases like “gluten free," “paleo” and “vegan” flood news outlets and become associated with good health, regardless of how healthy they really are.

Understandably, it is extremely difficult to navigate all of these options and figure out what is best for YOUR health and body.

There was a time when I was completely confused about what I needed to eat in order to be healthy. I eventually got to a point where I just kind of gave up. I thought to myself, “Well, it seems like everything is bad for me, so I may as well just eat what I want.” Needless to say my health deteriorated, and that is exactly what lead me to Nutrition Response Testing®. Finally I had some clear answers! I finally knew exactly which foods were harming me and preventing my body from healing and repairing itself. Back when I was a client at the Nutritional Wellness Center, I really didn’t understand how Nutrition Response Testing® worked. All I really knew or cared about was that I was feeling better and that maybe there was some sort of magic involved. *Shrug* Whatever!

Now that I’ve watched hundreds of people regain control of their health and have used this as a tool to improve my own health, I know that it definitely works. Let me explain HOW it works (watch out! Things are about to get pretty sciencey here).

The Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) is the portion of our nervous system that controls all of the bodily functions that we don’t have to think about such as breathing, the heart beating and digestion. Many people mistakenly call this the “automatic nervous system” because it controls all functions of the body that we don’t have to control, they just happen automatically. Thank goodness for the ANS - life would be exhausting if we had to think about doing all of those things every day!

Now, think of hypothermia. If someone falls through the ice on a lake, in an effort to remain alive, blood and energy start to leave their extremities and go to the internal organs. The body knows that it is more important to protect the vital organs rather than protect the fingers and toes. This is all thanks to the ANS, because this person is too busy trying to get out of the lake rather than thinking about their blood supply and internal organs!

The same principle applies when we’re using Nutrition Response Testing® or “muscle testing” as some people call it. If a particular organ is under stress, putting a little pressure on that organ sends a response to the rest of the body to draw from the extremities to support that organ. So, we use the arm or leg as our strength indicator. A healthy person can match an even pressure on their arm without much strain (we call this a locked muscle). However if you simultaneously put a little pressure on a stressed organ like the thyroid for example, the body pulls the energy from the arm to protect the thyroid and suddenly the arm goes weak (we call this an unlocked muscle).

In essence, we are actually checking in with the nervous system to ask how all of the organs are functioning. It’s kind of like asking, “Hey little thyroid… everything alright in there? No? Oh dear, tell me what’s wrong.”

We can zero in on exactly what is causing stress to your body by using special test kits. These kits have numerous vials containing homeopathic resonances. “What the heck does that mean?” It means that a computer digitally imprinted the water in the vial with the same frequency as, say, wheat or mercury. In other words, the mercury vial doesn’t actually contain mercury, but the water inside it resonates at the same frequency that mercury does. Make sense?

We all have an energy field that extends a few feet from our bodies. When we place these vials within your energy field and it happens to represent a food or substance that is irritating your poor little thyroid, it will now change the response in your arm. This is how we ask the thyroid specifically what is stressing it out! Before, your thyroid tested weak, now when the mercury vial is on your body it is strong. From clinical experience we know that if we give you a product that can help your body absorb heavy metals, you are likely to start feeling better. It’s that simple! Pretty cool, huh?

Through this same mechanism we can determine exactly what food or supplements your body needs (or doesn’t need) and can even determine exact supplement dosages. When you’re done with a supplement, your body will let us know so you aren’t taking anything needlessly. We all have an “innate intelligence." In other words, your body knows exactly what it needs and it wants you to listen to what it has been trying to tell you!

Our office manager, Linda, came up with a great slogan; “We don’t guess, we test!” It is so true! This technique allows us to be very precise and accurate, allowing us to create (what seems like) miraculous results. Have you ever asked your doctor about why you get headaches? When I asked mine five years ago, she just looked at me and shrugged (seriously). Recently, I was starting to get headaches again and I discovered that I had a toxicity issue that showed up in my neck muscles. I started a detox protocol and I haven’t had another headache since! It’s wild! It works!

So if you’re anything like me and you’re tired of sifting through the ocean of conflicting health and wellness information, give Nutrition Response Testing® a try! One thing I’ve learned since beginning this work is that anything can cause anything. We just have to find out exactly what is causing your health problems so we can handle them once and for all!

Thanks for reading!


What was it like before you came in to see us?

“Before I started at NWC I was chronically ill for about eight years and never knew what ‘good’ felt like, especially after eating. My symptoms included digestive flare ups, flu like symptoms that would last for days, migraines, kidney infections, anxiety, irritability, weight loss, and insomnia. I had no energy during work, and especially after work. I wasn't able to keep up with my two year old or do the activities that I wanted to do.

I eventually had my gallbladder out because of abnormalities and I felt good for about two weeks until all my symptoms re-appeared. I had NUMEROUS tests done, all which came back normal, but normal was not even close to how I was feeling, especially being only 27 years old. The last straw was when I was diagnosed with a severe case of C. Diff and Giardia. Medicine would keep the symptoms away for a short period of time but the C. Diff kept coming back and I needed to address the underlying issues. I knew I had to do something to get my body back on track.

I arrived at NWC with my husband by my side as support, after a coworker of mine suggested trying out NWC. One of the first questions Tara asked me during my initial assessment was, ‘if you didn't change a thing, where do you see your health in five years?’ Before I could answer I immediately blurted out ‘I wouldn't be alive’. My answer startled my husband and myself. I knew I was ready to make a change.”

How is it now?

“Now - I've been going to the NWC for about eight months and have seen so much improvement! With the help of Sophie, cutting out all grains and sugars, plus the supplements & probiotics that Sophie put me on - I haven't had one flare up in almost four months! That may seem like a short time of being healthy, but it's the healthiest and the longest I've been healthy in almost eight years. I've found that the simpler I eat, the better I feel. I have a lot of energy, I'm slowly gaining weight back in a healthy way and I can eat and actually ‘feel good’ after having a meal. My anxiety and irritability are virtually gone. I am not groggy during the day, I can sleep a solid eight hours without waking up, and haven't had a migraine in months.

I know it is going to take years for my body to repair itself from the trauma of being sick, and to get my immune system to where it should be, but with Sophie's knowledge and combination of supplements that will help my body heal, I am confident that I can regain my strength and health. I look forward to many more years with NWC and the ability to make my body better as a whole.”

Maureen shared with us March 2015

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