Snack Options

Combining Real Salt, a fat (i.e. avocado, butter, or nut butters) and something crunchy is a wonderful way to reduce/eliminate cravings!

  • 1 piece of fruit/veggie with nut butter. Apples, carrots, or celery are perfect for dipping.

  • A handful of nuts or seeds! Great for in your car or at work.

  • “Go Raw” snacks (crackers and sprouted seeds). These can be purchased at Wegmans or Greenstar. “Flackers” (flax seed crackers) at Greenstar. Spread them with some butter, nut butter, liverwurst or pate on top. Add some Real Salt. Use for dipping in avocado, guacamole, hummus or black bean dip. Make sure canola oil is not used as an ingredient in the dips.

  • Make mini sandwiches with raw cheese.

  • Make your own delicious grain-free granola.

  • Tuna, salmon, egg salads with nuts/seeds, carrots, celery, a few raisins or any combination thereof. GET CREATIVE. This is the perfect snack at home or on the road.

  • Any kind of non-starchy vegetable (low sugar content). Check out our “worry free foods list” for some great ideas.

  • Sliced turkey, chicken or roast beef (NO PROCESSED MEATS WITH NITRATES!) Applegate Farms, Wegmans’ “Foods You Feel Good About” (at the deli counter and pre-cut) and The Piggery are good options. Roll the meat up with some raw cheese to make “rolled sandwiches” or use a piece of lettuce as a wrap.

  • Jerky (beef or salmon) or beef/buffalo sticks that are organic and w/o preservatives. Note: At the Farmer’s Market Sabol’s Farm and the Buffalo farm carry good options.

  • Smoked sausage is great for cutting up and making mini sandwiches with raw cheese (no bread). Available through Autumn Harvest at the Farmer’s Market and at The Piggery.

  • Coconut Butter Energy Bars. This open ended recipe is great for sugar cravings.

  • Raw Cacao Nibs found at GreenStar. Perfect for chocolate cravings and they contain no sugar!

  • So Delicious Ice Cream NO SUGAR ADDED (note: you do not have to count this as a sugar, but it is by no means a healthy substitute for ice cream).

  • Standard Process high protein bar. Available at Nutritional Wellness Center.

  • Greenstar date rolls and/or almond rolls in moderation and only if you are not currently experiencing sugar handling problems.

  • A few pieces of raw cheese by itself or with avocado.

  • Piggeroni from the Piggery. Great by itself or pair it with some raw cheese. No preparation necessary!

Note: Planning and preparation are KEY to ensuring you have whole food snacks around when you need them. Here are some recommendations:

  1. At the office build up a supply of the snack foods listed so that if you forget to bring your snacks you will still have something. If you don’t have a refrigerator, store some of the non-perishable snacks in your desk.

  2. You may have to invest in a cooler that can be brought to work.

  3. If you are on the road frequently you must invest in a cooler if you are to ensure you always have whole foods around to avoid cravings. You can purchase a travel refrigerator at Walmart in the camping section.

  4. When flying, bring what you can. Many snacks listed above can last several days or more without refrigeration. Once you get to where you’re going, find a place right away where you can get healthy snacks and maybe even meals. Visit when traveling. This site tells you where whole food stores are located in your area.

Don’t forget to use your resources. Try at least one new recipe per week! Below is a list of our favorite recipe websites. ENJOY!






** Also, the Internal Bliss Cookbook is perfect for grain-free, refined-sugar-free, lactose-free cooking. Internal Bliss is available for purchase on Amazon or you can call Barnes & Noble and they will order it for you and you can pick it up in store**

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