What’s a mood swing?

December 31, 2019


A mood swing is anytime that you experience a sudden dramatic shift in emotion.


Hormonal imbalances can affect the serotonin levels in the brain, causing a mood swing.  Nutrition is a key component to managing mood swings as it helps the body to maintain blood sugar levels.


 Nutrition related practices that may contribute to mood swings:


Skipping meals –  Missing meals may lead to low blood sugar. Eating several smaller meals throughout the day will help your blood sugar remain stable.


Not eating a variety of foods – Not eating a variety of foods, especially vegetables, can make it difficult for your body to get all of the nutrients it needs. When certain nutrient levels are low, one may be plagued with low energy which can contribute to mood swings. 


Eating too many refined carbohydrates – High consumption of processed carbohydrates (such as white bread and pastries) along with high sugar diets can cause the blood sugar to spike too quickly. 


Food plays a huge role in one’s mental health! Many studies are being done on the link between mental health and one’s gut microbiome (the bacteria that lives in our gut).


Good Mood Food:

  • Fatty fish, such as salmon, sardines, and mackerel

  • Broccoli, carrots, spinach, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower (all other veggies are a bonus!)

  • Better complex carbohydrate options, like legumes, beans,  pumpkin and sweet potato

  • Tomatoes

  • Walnuts

  • Chamomile and green tea


Lifestyle habits to improve mood:

  • Drink lots of water and avoid caffeine and alcohol

  • Regular exercise

  • Get outside in the fresh air

  • Meditation

  • Eat a well-balanced diet 


At Nutritional Wellness Center we work to find out the root cause of mood swings through Nutrition Response Testing® and dietary changes. We are here to help you design a program for a healthy lifestyle! 


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