Chemical Toxicity - What you need to know

More than 84,000 chemicals are present in household products, cosmetics, food and food packaging!

Most of these have never been tested for safety!

These chemicals unfortunately make their way into our bodies. Chemical exposure has been shown to contribute to cancer, disrupt the endocrine system, neurological system, metabolism, and fat storage, just to name a few!

Chemical toxicity can range from mild and reversible, for example a headache from inhaling paint fumes, to severe and permanent, such as damage to the liver or kidneys.

The severity and permanence can depend on the chemical itself, along with the duration one has been exposed.

Although no one can successfully steer clear of ALL chemicals and pollutants, here are some tips to minimize your exposure:

  • Eat real, whole foods that are locally grown, fresh and ideally organic whole foods. Make sure to wash your produce well, even if it is organic

  • Choose grass-pastured, sustainably raised meats and dairy to reduce your exposure to hormones, pesticides and fertilizers

  • Eat fish that is wild caught, like Alaskan salmon. Farm raised fish is often heavily contaminated with PCBs and mercury

  • Buy products that come in glass bottles rather than plastic or cans. Even those labeled “BPA-free” can leach other endocrine-disrupting chemicals

  • Store food and beverages in glass, rather than plastic

  • Replace non-stick pots and pans with ceramic or cast-iron

  • Filter tap water for drinking AND bathing

  • Use natural, fragrance-free cleaning products (or make your own). Especially avoid fabric softeners and dryer sheets

  • Use safer personal care products. The Environmental Working Group ( is a great resource for better brands and to look up what you are currently using on their Skin Deep database

At Nutritional Wellness Center we work to find out the root cause of chemical toxicities through Nutrition Response Testing® and dietary changes. We are here to help you design a program for a healthy life!

If you are experiencing health issues problems call us today, we can help!

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