Support your immune system!

There has been a lot of emphasis on boosting your immune system, but it is essential to talk about immune health in how to be optimally well.

The best way to protect yourself from any immune challenge is to maintain a healthy physical health foundation. Your physical health foundation is your current state of health. Thus, if you are not healthy in some way, you are more susceptible to disease.

The innate intelligence of our immune system is designed to address anything that we come in contact with. But when this system is suppressed and stressed by outside factors, our immunity becomes compromised. These external factors include stressors such as low-quality food, environmental toxins, and emotional stress.

Immune challenges such as viruses mutate by nature. This means that as they spread, their molecular structure changes. Current immunizations target specific molecular structures that may or may not still exist. Thus optimizing your health and strengthening your immune system is the best way to protect yourself and your family. To do this, you have to identify what is compromising your health and therefore depleting your immunity.

How do you do this?

1. First of all, stop eating sugar! Immune challenges love sugar. After consuming sugar, your immune response is suppressed by 50% for 2 hours! Sugar also weakens your gut health and creates a breeding ground for all kinds of diseases.

2. Eat soup! Nourishing soups made with bone broth contain amino acids and minerals that repair and support the digestive tract's optimal functioning. Your gut is home to nearly 70% of your immune system; thus, its health is vital to a healthy immune response.

3. Eat organic! In our clinical practice, pesticides are the most common environmental toxin we see suppressing the body's optimal functioning, especially when it comes to immune system issues.

4. Use high quality, organic, whole food supplements. Not all supplements are created equal, and most on the market are synthetic, meaning they are made from chemicals. Your body knows the difference!

5. Come and see us! NWC has 2 Nutrition Response Testing® practitioners, myself and Fabiola, and a Client Advocate, Bonnie. We are here for you. We understand how the immune system works; we know nutrition and herbs and have the tools to help.

This is the time to take action; there is no magic pill or shot. Whether you have been optimizing your health for years or are just getting started, there is always more to be done. Now is time to take steps toward long term optimal immune health.

At Nutritional Wellness Center, we work to determine root causes of non-optimal conditions through Nutrition Response Testing® and dietary changes. We are here to help you design a program for a healthy life!

Learn what barriers your body is dealing with and start addressing them!

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"Our purpose is to safely support those who are looking to improve their health through nutrition.  We do this by using Nutrition Response Testing®, whole food supplements, and most importantly, dietary changes.  Our mission is to help as many people as humanly possible be healthier and happier without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery."

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