How to Feel Good During Your Detox

During your detox, you may find yourself experiencing flu-like symptoms. This happens because your body is ridding itself of poisons. Below are some tips and tricks so that you can get some relief and feel good during your detox!

Skin Brushing: This can be a very beneficial technique, because the skin is a primary avenue for detoxification along with the lungs, kidneys, liver and colon. Use a vegetable brush and brush all parts of the body in strokes that go towards the heart. Post-brushing, massage the body with sesame oil for at least five minutes prior to bathing or showering. Both the vegetable brush and sesame oil can be purchased at your local health food store.

Baths: Baths can be taken two to three times per week. Soak for 20 to 30 minutes at most, as any longer may cause fatigue.

Epsom Salt and Ginger Baths: This type of bath works to open pores, which will assist your body in detoxification. Combine one cup of Epsom salts and two tablespoons of freshly grated ginger together in a nylon or a tea steeper, and add this to your bath.

Salt and Soda Baths: This bath will help to counteract the effects of radiation, along with support general detoxification. Add one cup of baking soda along with one to two cups of either "Real Salt,", Epsom salt, or sea salt into your bath.

Epsom Salt, Sea Salt and Oil Bath: This bath is great to combat stress and dry skin. Combine one cup of Epsom salt, one cup of sea salt, and one cup of sesame oil into a warm bath.

Vinegar Bath: This type of bath is used when the body is too acidic. It is a quick and easy way to restore the acid-alkaline balance. Add one cup water to two quarts of 100% apple cider vinegar into your bath. This bath can be especially helpful for the joints, arthritis, bursitis, tendonitis, gout, and heavy metal toxicity.

Lymphatic Drainage: This can be achieved by daily walks, bouncing (not jumping) on a miniature trampoline, or bouncing on the edge of the bed for 20 minutes daily.

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