Skin Issues

After 2½ Months I Have No Itching At All and the Rash Is Gone on 98% of My Body!

"I had visual signs of tinea versicolor rash over 75% of my upper torso - arms, chest, neck and back. I also had a lot of itching in those areas and especially found it hard to sleep because I would feel the itching more at night. The rash would flare up every time I experienced warm humid weather and also when I would sweat. These symptoms were getting worse over a six year period. My doctor told me, 'Just keep spraying the fungus with Lamisil. You will have this the rest of your life.'  After working with the Nutritional Wellness Center for 2½ months, I have no itching at all and the rash is gone on 98% of my body. I have also noticed my nails growing faster, especially my fingernails. And my toenails are looking healthier and clearer. I have also noticed my hair growing where there was balding occurring on my scalp – WOW! The answer has always been my diet. I wish I knew years ago what I know now from Tara and Aaron. Thank you!"



The Experience Has Been Transformative!

"From about the age of 40 I began to gain weight steadily.  Within six years I had ballooned to 300 pounds.  I carried that weight for nearly 11 years.  The added weight sapped my energy.  By the middle of any given afternoon I was tired and ornery. I had lower back pain.  My knees and ankles were unreliable.  Often just getting out of a chair was painful and occasionally I would lose my balance.  I gave up my only exercise: playing racquetball.  I used vast amounts of caffeine and sugar to bolster my energy and keep me going until I could get home and simply collapse in front of the television or fall into bed.  I had no routine for eating properly, resting or exercising.  I sought out chiropractic assistance for my back.  My medical doctor placed me under the care of a dietician.  The chiropractic treatments relieved my back pain.  The dietician reinforced my feelings of guilt about my inability to buy proper food, prepare them properly and enjoy the process.  I came to Nutritional Wellness Center in mid-November 2010, at the recommendation of my chiropractor.  In a word, the experience has been transformative.  So much about food and my bodily metabolism has been de-mystified.  In just six months I have dropped 30 pounds.  The pain that accompanied standing up or even bending over is entirely gone.  I have even experienced nearly complete remission of eczema on my scalp.  Although I have not yet begun a consistent routine for exercise, I have more energy throughout the day than I ever had before and my outlook on life is far more optimistic.  I still struggle with food shopping and its preparation but I am still vigilant against the seductive lure of wheat and sugar.  And to be honest, admitting my faults is easier since keeping a food journal!  But I am determined to persevere because I feel great, my friends notice the differences in me, and I know this is the right thing to do!"



My Brown Spots on My Hands are Fading!

"I was eating whatever I wanted all the time, especially treats, and because of that I was overweight.  I just got a diagnosis of RA and had been feeling joint soreness every morning and was not recovering from injuries like I used to.  The bottom of my feet felt like there was a lump under the balls of my feet.  Now, the overall joint soreness in the morning is gone. My eating is much healthier.  I’ve lost 23 pounds.  I still have some flare-ups, but mostly they are diminished.  My singing voice was froggy in my mid-range, but it’s clear now.  My brown spots on my hands are fading; I love that.  My intestines don’t feel bloated anymore.  I am no longer feeling shaky and hungry in between meals and therefore am able to avoid sweets."

Wellness For Life!!!

"Our purpose is to safely support those who are looking to improve their health through nutrition.  We do this by using Nutrition Response Testing®, whole food supplements, and most importantly, dietary changes.  Our mission is to help as many people as humanly possible be healthier and happier without the use of unnecessary drugs or surgery."

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